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The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust, consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the International Association of Better Business Bureaus (IABBB) in Arlington, Virginia. The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Businesses that affiliate with the BBB and adhere to its standards do so through industry self-regulation. To avoid bias, the BBB's policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing any specific business, product or service.

Eleanor S angrily shared in a review "This was a complete hoax and a nightmare. I provided a 15 inch binder filled with pictures of the contractors shoddy work, the contract which he violated using materials which were not stated, statements by honest people who had to rip out everything the contractor did and they went to binding arbitration which is a joke. The arbitrator was a disbarred attorney who lost her license to practice law because she was found guilty of bribery, misdirection of funds, stealing from her clients, collusion with the opposing counsel, and the list went on. I did not find this out until after the fact, but she was not to be doing work in this capacity especially in front of my attorney. She kept telling him to shut up. She refused to allow him to question my six credible witnesses who had to repair the damage after the contractor quit accusing me of "creating a hostile work environment" and that "I was a threat to his workers". As if I could be a threat to three 6 foot men, whom I rarely saw, and who didn't speak English. The companies pay the BBB to be members, pay to keep the A+ rating (I found 33 complaints buried on another site), and pay to put BBB with the A+ rating on the company website. Non of the people I have worked with in the past are on the BBB and going forward, if they are I will run the other way. I can add photos of the mess they ignored later."


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"I worked with some of the meanest women ive ever met. I dont undrstand how your job is to help people and yet you bully the new girl coming in. Nobody cared about how the women were treating me. I even recording their disgusting behavior. I showed numerous times i can do the work and excell; but that wasbt ebough. They have a woman working there ahead of people and culture and she completely failed. This racist group of people have a blend of people in there, but trust me they are ALL on the same messy accord. This organization was my dream brought to life but the people here made it so easy to leave. Special treatment was given to those who were considered “vets” - im talking about coming into work and spending the first hour curling your hair at your work desk. Cons: Unreliable help, bullies, cliques, bad management overall"

Business Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Never in my life have I have been lied too like I have there. They laid off the ENTIRE sales staff in April, many with years of loyalty. They DO NOT set you up to succeed, and the management there do not know what the meaning of integrity is. Never in all my years in the business world have I ever come across such blatant lying to employees. Disgusting!! Cons: Liars"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"You Have to find your own leads that have been called on a multitude of times prior to you calling. You will call on businesses that you see as you drive going to and from work. Or when you are going to the store, doctors, and whatever else you do outside of work. Truly a waste of your time and definitely not fulfilling .. no sense of accomplishment.. Cons: Having to look at the face of the manager. She's a butterface."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working conditions is very cut throat on sales and the management is not supportive. Extreme high turnover of employees. I would not recommend this company to anyone. There is nothing Honest about the BBB."

Business Consultant ( Inside Sales ) says

"The BBB Better Business Bureau does nothing to help the sales people. Leads are a mess. Outdated and mixed up and no one is making any money there. A lot of inappropriate behaviors there that I will not go into. The team environment is horrible. From the day I started I seen all this... they never introduced any of the new people that I started with formally to the team. I have never seen anything like this."

Telesales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I don’t want to work for a company that preaches about trust which you can’t trust. Fraudulent companies are allowed immunity and an A+ rating if they pay their accreditation fees. The whole thing is a scam to get companies to pay for accreditation while pretending to be some type of moderator for consumer rights. If a scam company wants to pay then they’ll get the benefit of the doubt when it comes down to it."

REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) says

"Straight commission. Toxic competition. No support from management. Sink or swim mentality. It's actually a scam to keep the public thinking a business is good."

Business Relations Associate (Former Employee) says

"Best decision I’ve made was to resign from the Better Business Bureau. Quite frankly, this is an antiquated way of validating a business. The internet allows you to search for licensed businesses in any state, yet the BBB charges business owners to use their name as a stamp of approval so future consumers can validate they are a legitimate business. No need to charge a business for that!!"

Business Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You will be sabatoged by the Veterans at this company and the boss upholds their shenanigans. They eavesdrop on your calls and immediately say you are not performing your job correctly but only after you beat their sales in a weekly review. It's extremely cut throat. Cons: Competition"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There are tons of perks that make you think you would want to stay, but then you get into the job and realize you are just a number. Most people leave before a year, those few who stay are miserable."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaging, taping phone conversation, also having management watching you from the video cameras in office. Low pay. This is a dying company. The leads are from 10 years ago. Get out and run while you can Cons: Everything"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Made 85-100 outbound calls per day to business owners. Qualified leads by adhering to BBB standards and code of ethics to sell accreditation. Accurately and truthfully explained all benefits and costs to prospective accredited businesses. Actively developed leads using many sources. Maintained a professional and courteous manner with business owners."

Business Relations Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Poor management in Birmingham! The person shouldn't have been aloud to be a manger in her life as she gossips about everyone to everyone else's face. She did that with me within the first three weeks. It's very bad. Cons: Poor Comp rate"


"The company is operated by people who becomes retaliatory when you point out council policy that is not being properly followed . The CEO is oblivious to the company"

Senior Business Development Representative (Current Employee) says

"The sales department at the BBB is unmotivating, does not pay well and has no room for professional growth. The group of people on the team are great, and coworkers are what keep each other going despite the lack of incentives and positive moral from the higher ups. Cons: Clocking in system is useless, Pay structure is lackluster, No management opportunities, No regular sales bonus/incentives, New CEO is ineffective"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Experienced Cult like management. No ROI for the business as nothing tangible is offered. Toxic work environment. Dead product no value for consumers or businesses with companies like Facebook and Yelp to provide reviews. High turnover all around. Cons: Salary, Management"

Accreditation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Better Business Bureau is not what I thought. It was a job, it worked. Learned a lot about local businesses and the business owners. I also learned that all business are not Better."

Customer engagement (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for the BBB they do not work with people with disabilities, management is poor and plays favorites and if you don't get along with the one you are out the door. Cons: Bad management, does not work with people with disabilities"

Business Development Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you love making tons of cold calls everyday with little chance to purswade people to buy into the BBB then this is the job for you. It will wear on you."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This is company is ridiculous to work for. No raises, no job advancement . Management is terrible that micro manages some and let others do as they please . Very discriminative . Cons: Management, pay, insurance"

Monica says

"The Bbb of Ct has the rudest employees in customer service I have ever experienced. The \"manager\" can\'t type a grammatically correct e-mail and then just stopped responding to my questions without solving my issue. I sent an email to the CEO and haven\'t received a response. I guess since they aren\'t funded by consumers writing reviews they don\'t care about them. "

Tim says

"Close down this waste of taxpayers money business they are on the side of the crooks.Total waste of time and energy.More frustrating than its worth,Come on Canada your paid to protect us at least do your job when it comes to corruption.That would be the hard way but it’s worth it in the end."

Marshal 84 says

"The BBB and MOST so called " consumer agencies " are a waste of time. They do NOTHING at all. These agencies have no REAL power to get refunds back to customers. If you have any complaints about a company and you want a refund, your only perfect solution is to get a charge back through your bank. DO NOT waste time on these do nothing agencies !!"

John Rogers says

"The BBB: a for-profit organization that protects their members (who pay the BBB membership fees) by blocking reviews/ratings on the BBB site that make their members look bad. Speaking from personal experience: dealing with the Calgary BBB revealed the truths I've described above."

Gary says

"Second day of July 2020 Useless at best. If you want to experience backlash and or product mishap use this organization. Your best bet is to leave a review in TrustPilot and consider joining this "honest" community. As a customer and consumer I want to spend my currency and get what I pay for, very simple. Like you, I absolutely hate being ripped off or screwed over!"

Caroline J says

"BBB is a business, and that is what to remember, if a company does not pay for their services, then they do not post the positive reviews on the site. Its a scam and reviews on the BBB should not be trusted."

Taylor Hartsock says

"scam, and racist organization. They won't post reviews of people with certain racial backgrounds."

Bill says

"The BBB harasses and extorts small businesses and pretends to be a governmental agency. They have no authority and are a completely useless for-profit entity. They hire idiots to work for them that cannot find decent paying jobs anywhere else, due to their low IQ\'s. Small businesses being harassed by the BBB should file a complaint against the BBB with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)."

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